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Best Cordless Phone With Answering Machine – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Cordless Phones With A Caller ID & An Answering Machine

In today’s home, I cannot imagine seeing a landline telephone with a cord (cable). I am (only just!) old enough to remember when telephones in the home were with a cable, you could only walk so far whilst you were on the phone to the other side of the room, or peak your head in the next room (if the cable was long enough!).

Next to the telephone sat an answering machine, this was a nifty little device that either connected directly to your telephone or hooked in to another telephone line socket. It usually consisted of a mini cassette which then recorded any messages left by callers in case you weren’t home or were busy on another call.

Today, you can pick up a very high quality cordless telephone with some cool features, for your home which comes with an answering machine. You can also use these same phones without an answering machine if you so desired.

Here we have compiled the top 3 cordless telephones with an answering machine;

BT 8600 Review – Our Number 1

Best Cordless Phones With Caller ID - Reviews 2016A very sexy looking telephone set with a good amount of usable features. Behind the slick handset shape and feel, as well as the colour screen, The BT8600 has a good amount of clever features needed in todays modern home.

Below are some of the reasons you should consider The 8600 as your next cordless phone (lowest price here!);

  • Dedicated BT Premium call blocking service – this enables you to block certain callers from getting through – Ideal for pensioners and those who are retired
  • Screens unknown numbers by asking the caller to identify themselves, once they have given their name (and reason for calling) the call will then be put through to you where you can hear the callers name announced before you answer
  • The contacts in your contact list come straight through
  • While someone is calling you, you can choose whether to take the call, send them to voicemail or block them
  • Block numbers by type – you can actually choose to block certain types of numbers, for example mobile, international or unknown numbers – or even a certain selected suffix
  • Do not disturb mode – Choose to block all calls when you desire, the only numbers that will get through are the friends & family you save on your VIP list
  • Large full colour bright & stylish display so you can see all the notifications like missed calls, voice messages, text messages etc.
  • User friendly – Save up to 200 contacts in your phone’s memory. These will then be automatically copied through all of your handsets.
  • Visual voicemail – you can actually see the numbers (or contact names) next to the list of voicemails. You can then choose which one to listen to first and which to delete
  • Parental control – you can prevent mobile, international or premium rate numbers being dialled without a PIN
  • Backlit keypad allows you to use your phone in the dark or ambient light
  • Up to 60 minutes worth of voicemail recording on the phone’s memory bank
  • Use the main speaker phone on the dock to listen to your messages or use the handset
  • Access your voicemail messages remotely – great for checking in while on holiday
  • Call waiting feature – so you don’t miss any important phone calls
  • A very long range receiver – up to 300 meters outdoors, 50m indoors. So you can relax out in the garden whilst talking on your phone with clear reception
  • Up to a huge 21 hour talk time, with a 310 hour standby time

With great features as listed above, it really is clear to see exactly why The BT 8600 is our number one cordless phone. It has some amazing features. With the BT Premium call blocking feature, nuisance calls are a thing of the past.

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BT 1700 Review – Number 2

BT 1700 ReviewThe second place goes to The BT1700. A very strong cordless phone with a good set of features which we will take a look at below;

  • Block up to 20 numbers – for your privacy
  • Do Not Disturb Mode – Block all callers using this feature, however it will let the contacts in your VIP list through
  • Visual as well as audio notification for call waiting – to ensure you don’t miss a call
  • Large bright screen to display your notifications
  • Redial up to the previous 20 numbers
  • Store up to 50 contacts to your phone
  • Built in digital answering machine which you can turn on and off

All in all a very decent phone set with all the features you would expect from a cordless phone and some features which you may not expect.

With features like the Do Not Disturb mode and visual (as well as audio) notifications, The BT 1700 stands its ground as number 2.

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Panasonic KX-TGC222EB Review – Number 3

Panasonic KX-TGH222 ReviewFrom Panasonic comes a nice cordless phone set with some good features presented with a slick black finish.

Panasonic are no strangers when it comes to home electronics, and with the cordless phone, they make no exception in standing out. Here are some of its best features;

  • Up to 18 minutes of the digital answer machine facility
  • Large easy-to-read display to alert you of any notifications
  • Nuisance call blocker – block certain number prefix’s, complete numbers, international or just all unknown numbers
  • Hands free ability – speaker mode
  • Noise reduction technology to enhance the sound quality reducing the background noise
  • 16 hours of talk time
  • Caller ID function
  • Store up to 50 contacts

The Panasonic phone is a very decent phone. For someone looking for a good entry level phone, this is the one for you. Compared to The BT 8600, the features are quite limited.

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The winner of this comparison is The BT 8600. The do not disturb feature, visual voicemail, long range receiver, along with the slick finish makes The 8600 the best of our comparison.

While it is a little more expensive than its peers, there is definitely good reason why.

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