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Best Digital Cordless Phones – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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The Top 3 Cordless Phones On The Market

Only a decade ago, talking on the phone was a much more static activity than it is today, with the only types of telephone to exist being those with a cord attaching the base to the handset. These were often a hassle to use and are no longer sufficient in most people’s fast paced lifestyles. Today, there are countless new, technologically enhanced, variations of the telephone available on the market. This list features the top three cordless phones available to buy today.

BT 8600 Home Phone Review – Our Number 1

BT 8600This product (CHECK PRICE HERE!) offers individuals complete control over their calls, allowing users to decide who they want to speak to and which calls they wish to block. This is the perfect device for avoiding cold calls and unknown numbers from contacting and bothering you. This phone allows you to choose exactly who you wish to call you and when, based completely on your own preferences.

  • This product allows users to block up to 1000 numbers, ensuring that you will never receive another unwanted disturbance again.
  • It also screens incoming calls, ensuring that cold callers are unable to get through.
  • Its features makes blacklisting numbers incredibly easy, boasting a ‘one touch’ blocking system.
  • The device has a 1.8 inch colour screen, allowing users to easily check their missed calls, messages and answerphone.
  • The answering machine has the storage space for up to 60 minutes of messages, meaning users never have to worry about missing an important call.
  • Choose from one to four handsets depending on your own personal needs.

The BT 8600 is a great phone with many user benefits. It is a versatile product which offers customers complete control over who they want to be able to contact them and when. This phone offers flexibility and piece of mind to its users.


Features: easy call blocking / screens out cold calls / hands free / answerphone

Pricing: high end

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Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Review – Number 2

Panasonic KX-TGC213EB Digital Cordless PhoneThis Panasonic phone looks simple and elegant. When the device is in its power saving eco mode, it offers ten hours of talk time, so there are no worries of your calls getting cut off while you’re speaking to family and friends. This device is perfect for the home or office space.

  • Uses new technology to block out nuisance calls so that you don’t have to worry about answering to cold callers.
  • Features a ‘night mode’ which stops the device from ringing after a time of your preference. Users no longer have to worry about calls interrupting their evenings.
  • This phone offers caller idea, with a memory of up to 50 numbers, further aiding individuals in screening their calls and choosing who they do and do not want to speak to.
  • The Panasonic KX-TGC213EB boasts a 1.6 inch illuminated screen, making it easy to use at any time of the day and in any environment.

This phone would be perfect for those who make a lot of long phone calls and are looking for a simple and easy to use device. Its straight forward features mean it is a great product for even the least tech-savvy of users.


Features: illuminated screen / call blocking technology / night mode / eco power saving mode

Pricing: mid-range

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Gigaset C430A Review – Number 3

Gigaset C430A Cordless PhoneThe Gigaset C4308 stands out amongst other cordless phones due to its large 1.8 inch colour display screen, offering a link between smart phones and home phones for users. For this reason, this phone is extremely customisable, allowing users to add more fun and individuality to their handset.

  • This device features a large screen which is customisable to users. Individuals have the ability to choose their colour scheme and screen saver, as well as change ringtones and sounds on the phone.
  • It offers space for up to 200 different names in its phonebook, allowing for 3 different numbers to be saved under each name – perfect for the family home or a busy office.
  • Users can set the device to either day or night, allowing you to stop the phone from ringing in the evenings.
  • The Gigaset C420A allows you to switch on eco mode, meaning its more cost effective whilst also better for the environment.

This is the perfect device for modern individuals who are interested in a device which offers a little more personalisation. The Gigaset C420A is slick and stylish whilst also easy to use.


Features: large colour screen / fully customisable / eco mode / day and night settings

Pricing: Mid-range

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Whilst each of these products would be beneficial to different types of people, the top spot on the list goes to the BT 8600. With its slick and simple design, easy to use interface and call blocking features, this device would be perfect for any individual. It requires very little effort to use, but offers optimum service to users.

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