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Best Cordless Phones With Caller ID – Reviews 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Cordless Phones With A Display For The Caller ID

It is always nice knowing who is calling you before you answer. Back in the day before caller ID, it was always a mystery as to the identity of the caller.

Then as time went on, we had cordless phones but many of these didn’t have caller ID.

Thankfully now we have the technology to have cordless phones with caller ID functionality. Many phones now come with this as standard.

In this article we will have a look at the top 3 best cordless phones on the market with a digital display.

BT 8600 Review – Our Number 1

BT 8600 ReviewAs reviewed here, The BT8600 cordless phones is definitely number 1 of the 3 reviewed here (CHECK PRICE HERE!), and for good reason too. It is slick, attractive and has some amazing features unique to this model.

Below we have listed some of its best features;

  • 1.8″ full colour screen to clearly display all types of notifications
  • Premium call blocking feature with the dedicated “hot key” which enables one-touch call blocking
  • trueCall blocking technology which is multi-award winning!
  • Block up to 1000 numbers or you have the option to block calls by the type of number
  • Up to 60 minutes worth of recording using the digital answer machine voicemail feature
  • BT’s Premium call blocking includes the below features
    • For added conveniency, it screens incoming calls from numbers it does not recognise
    • When connecting the call, you will hear a whisper with the caller announcing themselves before you greet them
    • The ability to decide whether to answer an incoming call, block the number permanently or send the caller to voicemail
    • All blocked calls will be put through to the answer phone, just in case it was an important call
  • Modern and stylish design, with a slick finish
  • Backlit keypad making for easy and accurate dialling
  • Save up to 200 contacts in the phone memory
  • Visual notifications for voicemail ensuring you are alerted when someone leaves a message
  • Parental control – ideal for those with inquisitive children who like to call weird and wonder full numbers. Create a PIN which will stop certain numbers from being dialled
  • Call waiting – notifies you when you have a call waiting via an audio and a visual notification
  • Access your voice messages remotely – ideal for when you are on holiday and need to check in
  • Decent range, get up to 50 meters indoors and a very strong 300 meters outdoors – this means you are truly mobile with your phone
  • Up to a massive 21 hours of talk time and 310 hours of standby time

As you can see this is a very good cordless-phone set. Besides having some very good features, The BT 8600 also boasts a very stylish look with a full colour screen, nice feeling touch-buttons.

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Panasonic KX-TGH222 Review – Number 2

Panasonic KX-TGH222 ReviewA known electronics manufacturer, Panasonic bring us The KX-TGH222. Straight away the phone looks very modern and classy. There is more to this product than looks alone, here, we will delve into the features;

  • A beautiful large 1.8″ full colour LCD screen to display all of your notifications, calls and more!
  • A memory bank of 200 contacts
  • Digital voicemail / answering machine which saves up to 30 minutes worth of recording
  • Nuisance call block – enabling you to block specified numbers or prefix’s. For example, you can block all international calls, or 0800 numbers or even unknown calls
  • Handsfree function so you can multi-task!
  • Sleek piano black finish with an ergonomic design and an illuminated keypad
  • DECT security mode
  • 50 number caller ID memory
  • Baby monitor function – a very useful addition for new parents!
  • Advanced alarm clock
  • ECO mode
  • Noise reduction
  • A fully customisable sound system
  • SMS compatible

With a very nice list of features, some actually quite advanced, and finished off with a very sexy black finish boasting its ergonomic build, it’s no surprise as to why The KX-TGH222 from Panasonic is our number 2.

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BT 2100 Review – Number 3

BT 2100 ReviewAnother very user friendly phone from British Telecom, The BT2100 is our number 3 and below you will see exactly why it made the cut.

  • One touch do not disturb mode – means only the contacts/numbers in your VIP list will be able to reach you. Anyone else will be sent to voicemail
  • 50 contact phone book consisting of names and numbers
  • Extremely user friendly with a convenient access to call divert
  • 3 Way calling feature – otherwise known as a conference call
  • Call waiting – so you don’t miss a call while you are on the phone
  • Clear blue backlit display for your notifications and caller ID
  • Hands-free feature
  • 20 number memory for the redial list
  • Conference calling
  • Music on hold
  • Call timer
  • Clock & alarm

With some very cool features and a nice look to it, The BT2100 is a very good buy. The infamous call blocking feature and reliability is why it is our number 3.

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All of these are very good phones which are reliable, stylish and have a good amount of features.

The 8600 by BT, however, is definitely our winner. Besides the full colour screen, sexy look and some amazing features, it also has the premium award-winning BT truCall for true-nuisance call blocking.

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